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Friday, November 06, 2009

When Men go Shopping

leaf blowerA week or so ago, hubby and I were blowing and raking leaves. He always starts up on the roof in order to get the junk out of the gutters etc. He was almost done when our trusty blower stopped. He came down off the roof and headed to the hardware store. I thought he was looking for a part, so I continued raking. When he came back from Home Depot (his favorite store), he had this new shinny red blower! Ok, the old one was old; maybe it cost too much to repair. I don't know, he didn't say. We continued with our work. Later he said, he thought he could fix the old one and would use it as a vacuum instead of blower---therefore we'd have one of each. They all do this, I think. But, the connection to do that on the old one broken and so was taped with duct tape, so he never used it except to blow.
table top heaterThat's him, putting together the other item he bought while there at Home Depot (did I mention it's his favorite store?) It's one of those table top heaters. You sometimes see them in outdoor eating areas as a way to extend the time people can eat outdoors at bars and restaurants. Sometimes there on a taller pole beside the tables. Interesting I thought; but you see my printer hasn't been working right for several months. Every-time I need to print something, I email it to him at work. That's convenient, right? It printed spotty. Well, that was before the new computer which is Vista. After that, it didn't work at all. The photo software isn't compatible with Vista, and the scanner part only partially worked. I wanted a new one; he said to wait. I'm still waiting. You know how much new printers cost? Not much is the answer. Anyone care to guess what a new shinny blower and table top heater cost? When women go shopping they compare prices, they shop around, they think about it. Often they go multiple times before they buy something..........men go, see, and buy. End of story.table top heaterAfter we finished the leaves, the sun was getting lower in the sky, it was cooling off. But, cocktails on the deck is always a nice reward after a hard day of labor. lol

He got a good buy on the heater, it was on sale; and he had a coupon for more off. Several days later he was once again at Home Depot...did I mention it's his favorite store! I don't even remember why he was there that time. lol Anyway, they had lowered the price again and so he get's a refund of the difference.


  1. Yes, it is a 12" square, they all are. And isn't it nice to have a man around the house?

  2. You have such a loverly back yard...and a deck...
    sit down with your man, and have some wine under the heat lamp. He did good.....he gets up on the roof and all.....at least he is spending money ( on sale items ) and on something he can tinker with, and you both can enjoy..relax girl
    it is all good.....

    34 comments I made....? cool......have a great day my friend...have a glass for me.....

  3. I think women tend to be more frugal. So, Sandy, the money he saved by going back to the store............hmmm, put it towards the printer...lol.

  4. Thanks Faith, I'll do just that. Kick back with a glass of wine and good plan Joansie.

    Yes, Ghost it is nice to have a man about the house


  5. ".....men go, see, and buy. End of story."

    Well, my hubby is a bit different. We have to shop & compare bathroom tissue & paper towels, how many sq. feet per roll, then, we have to compare prices @ some different stores. Enjoy the day & the moment. A new printer will be in your future soon.

  6. Thank you for your comment and encouragement! It's getting tough, though, because knitting takes so much longer than crochet. But I am still plugging away on the WIPs.

    Thanks to Ravelry, I know that there are 826 yards in a Caron pounder. What did we ever do before Ravelry?!

    Your hubby sounds like a pretty savvy shopper to me.

  7. Wow Deb...your guy takes it to the next level for sure. He sounds like the hubby of my co-worker. She doesn't do any of the shopping because he's so involved.

    Priscilla, thanks for the yardage. Wonder why they don't put it on the label? I didn't think to check out Rav. for the answer. Cool. You are right knitting takes longer. I have WIP that fit both categories. Knitting seems easier on my hands, but crocheting is faster. My crocheting skills are better, as I've done more. So...I keep doing both, trying to improve my knitting.


  8. Hi Sandy, This is unrelated, but I decided to take your advice regarding next year for 2010. Check it out and let me know what you think :)


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