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Monday, November 16, 2009

Tickets Please

Halloween ConductorYou've perhaps seen some cute pictures of this little guy before. Maybe on his Thomas The Train Bike, or his Thomas The Train Bed, or wearing a Thomas The Train Shirt....got the picture? He LOVES all things train related, with Thomas and his friends at the top of the list.

Here's my pseudo-grandchild at Halloween. He'd only just gotten over the flu, so wasn't as animated as he typically is.........still though, soooooooooo cute.


  1. He is a sweetie, I too love trains.

  2. OMG, is he ever adorable!!!! Thanks for posting the picture!!!

  3. He is cute as a button. Glad he got over the flu before his big night!

  4. Awww What a sweetheart. Cute little engineer. We used to watch Thomas the Tank Engine when Ben was a wee tyke also.

  5. Brings back fond memories of my
    " train child "...happy times and memories, for
    we too went as a train "driver" conductor back
    in the day....:)

    He is a cuteeee....hope he he feeling better...and had a happy Halloween....


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