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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Drum Roll Please, Wedding Ghan(YOP)

Post #7 YOP (Sept 4-10th)

Wedding Ghan before blockingJust finished the border, have a few tails to tuck, launder and block and it's finished! The Wedding Ghan. I'm happy with the end result, pleased with what I learned in the process. This was my first knitted ghan with multiple stitches, first large scale knitting project, and first large scale project joining with the very tedious mattress stitch. I learned to do eyelet knitting and enjoyed stitch variety I got with the blocks (taupe blocks), and the texture and zigzag triangles (dark brown blocks) I got with counting, counting, counting. Lost track how many times I ripped out and redid. The brown blocks seem to be the most difficult for me, harder to see I think. I had issues with being on the wrong side...apparently forgetting to click my row counter, or perhaps clicking it twice? Thinking I hadn't clicked it? This item is now in the wash. I'll move this item now to my completed list of YOP.
close up borderI crocheted the border with several rows (2 each of the dark brown and taupe, and 1 of the ivory inbetween) of single crochets, followed by a row of scallops in dark brown to finish it off. The border I think not only gives it a more finished look, but helps it lay more flat. Which also the blocking should help with.

In addition (no picture at this time). I finished the red-purple scarf, called Red Scarf Project no more. Tucked tails just before posting, so it too moves into the finished list.

Working on October Cloth for Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge (which makes cloth 7), and Poddle Ghan. Also selecting border for 2nd Oddball (Cinco de Mayo). Pictures later.

YOP list:
Wedding Ghan DONE
Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge (about 50% done with DD's cloths) started cloth 7 which was to be Easter Colors, a basket weave design for March; but you can't see the pattern well, and needles are wrong, and wrong size and ...frogged it. Posted it HERE. Think I'll switch to October since that's closer anyway. April, May, June, July, August, and September done. Need to do Jan, Feb, March, Oct, Nov and Dec. **Switched to October current focus
Cotton Cloths for Bridge and Beyond (haven't started)
Candy Corn Ghan (no headway)
Buckeye Scarf (no headway)
Learn to knit socks (no attempt)
Learn to knit cable stitches (no attempt, but....have found a pseudo stitch I may try on a cotton cloth to get me started)
Awesome wool (blue) scarf no headway
Poodle Ghan (a current focus)
Oddball (Waiting on 2nd one to arrive so when I get it finished, I can mail them at the same time.)
Bridge Ghans (no additional headway) Will begin edging squares since wedding ghan is done
Red Scarf Project Scarf, posted about it HERE. So, will now call this scarf Red Scarf Project No More. DONE

Happy Sunday all


  1. Well it looks amazing and surely worth all the hard work that went into it. This is an AWESOME gift and you should feel really pleased with it!

  2. Wow, that is a HUGE achievement - so much learning, and it looks perfect! What a beautiful gift. Well done!

  3. Love it, love it, love it. You did a fantastic job and I am sure the recipients of it will be thrilled too. (if not I will give you my address and you can send it to me!)

  4. wow it looks amazing all finished - i'm sure the lucky recipients will be overjoyed with it :)

  5. Wedding ghan looks great! Definitely a large project and always good to do something different and learn while you're enjoying the fun. So many projects.

  6. Fantastic! And it's so nice to hear a crafter say that she is happy with it!

  7. Thanks all for your kinds words and your encouragement along the way, it did truly help!

  8. LOVE IT! I knew I would love it and I've been excited to see the end result. It looks great Sandy, and I'm sure that the lovely couple who receive it will feel very blessed to have such a special gift. Great job! =)

  9. What a gorgeous end result to all your hard work--and what a wonderful gift. :) Oh, and the counting and counting and did I or did I not click my counter woes? I suffer from them too--on every project I encounter! :)
    Well done!

  10. The blanket is stunning and a wonderful present. Well done!!!!

  11. The ghan is a beauty and the recipients will surely be thrilled. Congrats on a great FO.

  12. Wow Wow WOW! Good job!

  13. Congratulations on finishing, it looks absolutely gorgeous

  14. Beautiful work Sandy!! Love how your afghan came out! Applause! Applause!.. Hope you're enjoying your Labor Day Weekend! ~tina

  15. So glad to know Kim, I'm not alone on that clicker and counting.

    Thanks all for the nice comments, it's much appreciated.


  17. Really lovely. Congratulations on your finish.

  18. Wow really amazing and your right the border really just sets it off perfect. Well done

  19. Testing Jan, here now as you from your blog, so far everything seems to be working.

  20. Just gorgeous! Congrats on finishing. It's beautiful. It inspires me to finish mine.

  21. Gorgeous! You really did a great job. Love the border :)

  22. Thanks Rizzi, Marie, Ruth, Sharkbytes,Deb and hakucho, appreciate your visits and sweet comments

  23. I love the monochromatic colors!


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