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Friday, June 03, 2011

Squares, counts as Done?

4 knitted squaresOk, so this might be a bit of cheating for FOF (finished object Friday). Or is it.... showing 4 finished objects? lol You see before you 4 finished squares.

Plan A was doing the designs on the light color and doing good old garter stitch squares with the darker color, to provide contrast both with color and with texture. After completing the first square (lower left which is a frog in case you can't tell), I wasn't sure this was going to work. So, wondered if the design would show up better with the darker shade. Figured I'd do one square in the darker shade and see, and then flip my 2 colors. Well...I did the one in the lower right (sunflower), and I still was unsure; so I did 2 more, one in each color. Cardinal is the 2nd light color and a bea skep is the 2nd darker color. Then, I re-calculated and decided I wasn't going to have enough yarn anyway. Ok, I could get a 3rd color to blend and do garter stitch squares with that. Still....if I didn't tell you what the designs were, could you tell? DD and I discussed it after sending her email pics and well..........I don't think so. Oddly enough I think they show up better here in the pictures then when you actually see them in person. Well, that's really not good.

Bought 3rd color, but you'll have to wait til I get a photo of it. Discussed the problem with the lady at the yarn shop. She thought maybe using a smaller needle would make the design pop more. If I'm going to frog these 4 finished squares....do I want to do that...or come up with what will now be plan C?

I can tell you the 3rd color is a darker brown, DD and I thought sticking with earthy colors was best. She suggested a chocolate brown and or forest green. Green didn't exist, so I got brown, though not sure I would call it chocolate.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Here it was laid out as a WIPW

Follow up on my question regarding the graphs from Rav. I've messed with it a bit and have determined it only lists projects you have listed as work in progress projects from your Rav. page, so my question about more recent projects not showing up is because they are listed as complete. I tend to only list them at that stage, or at least lately that's what I've done. So, conclusion is if one wants to follow and have projects staring at them as a reminder of what you've got going is to list your projects in the beginning and as you work on them change the percentage, they will show up on your graph until you mark them as completed. Even if you show it as 100% done on your project page on Rav it will still show up on the graph on your blog until you change the drop down box that has the option of completed/done. For those who responded via comments and said they didn't know how to add the graphs, here's the LINK on Rav.

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  1. I would not frog the four squares. I would try and work the 3rd color in. Having things show up can be difficult sometimes, no matter what color is used. Nature of the beast I guess or I hadn't had much luck in that dept. My vote is to keep on going. Looks great so far IMHO.

  2. I can't tell what the design is, but that might not be your work, but my eyes. :-) Would be a shame to frog all that work.

  3. I can see that there is a design, but it's hard to tell what it is - though once I had read what it was meant to be, I could see the shape of it. If that makes sense?

    I wouldn't want to frog either, but try with the 3rd colour and the smaller needles to see if it works.

  4. That's a lot of work to frog! I agree with chemicalika. Try smaller needles and the other color.

  5. Thanks all for the input, it's appreciated. If I used smaller needles, I would still need to frog them all, because the new squares would then be a different size. Sooooooo, I've already frogged one...the one that was suppose to be the sunflower. I looked at it during the day with no artificial light, again at night with artificial light...and it just wasn't happening. Stay tuned for plan C. If that doesn't work, I'll change gears completely. I can always use the yarn for some wonderful scarves.

  6. I hope that plan c works out for you. I like your idea of alternating the colors for the squares. Sometimes sticking with simple, bold motifs show up better than the more detailed ones.

  7. Right you are autumngeisha, the yarn is so nice and I think simply will also ensure I get the project done on time. lol

  8. I checked out your Wedding Ghan progress on Ravelry and it's looking great! You always make the most beautiful blankets, I love looking at pictures of all of them!


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