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Monday, June 06, 2011

Me Time

What do you like to do with "Me Time?" I like to get up when I want, not with an alarm, sit in jammies drink coffee, check in here on the computer. While on the computer I like to check my mail, see what's going on with my blogs, check my dashboard to see if it's time to write another blog or if I have one in que to be published. Then do some knitting and or crocheting, then more computer stuff like checking in on facebook, ravelry and the like. I like quiet, so I do not turn on the TV, or radio, nor do I have the sound on my computer. I like peace. I enjoy alone time. I can spend hours like that.

Sit in the living room a bit with the yarn, then move to the computer and back and forth. It breaks things up. Sometimes you have to throw in things like doing laundry, running the vaccum, making the bed naturally. But, even then...if you're alone you can do a little of this, and a little of that. Like maybe knit 5 rows, throw a load in, visit blogs for half an hour, by then it's time to put the wash in the dryer...see what I mean. A bit of this and that.

Monday, though...that rarely works. Monday means you have to start your week, check your to do list, see what the priorities are. On top of that for me I have to verify my ever changing work schedule, make sure I've written it on the calendar. No 2 days are the same for me. So, Monday Already!

Care to join this linky for Monday? Love to have you.
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2. Write your Monday Already Post with a Link to this post
3. Add yourself to the linky
4. Visit others on the list. If you're an early bird to add your name, do hop back over later in the day to see whom else has joined the fun.

Anxious to see What Monday Already means for you all.


  1. I'm retired so I do me time everyday. I like that a lot.

    Have a terrific Monday. :)

  2. Oops. I'm supposed to write a specific Monday post? LOL! That's what I do on Mondays. Move around in a blur and click on computer links without paying attention to what I'm clicking on. Oh, well. My most recent post about not having a brain explains it all!


  3. Hey, Sandy (great name!)

    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. Come back and visit a spell any time.

    My days? No two in a row the same, and I love it. Wouldn't trade with anybody. We certainly enjoy some of the same things. Change the knitting/crocheting to beading/scrapbooking for me though.

    Enjoy your day. Mine just changed--no trip to Chattanooga. Very sad here. Will share tomorrow...

  4. Sorry to here you fun trip got cancelled, Sandy B. Hope you have something to take it's place that's fun.

  5. Hi Sandy - I agree it's a great name too.

    I put you in my Mr. Linky. I only put folks in that comment. Hope you don't mind.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  6. To answer your question that arrived later in my inbox, it was a Beta Sigma Phi convention, a sorority that is international and not affiliated with any college.

    I didn't know that Marriotts did not offer free wifi anywhere. Shame on them. We mostly motorhome, but when I am making hotel arrangements, the first thing I ask is about FREE wifi! Don't have; I don't stay!

    Oh yes, we'll have our usual lunch bunch get together locally, then off to the thrift store to leave a bunch...and prob take a bunch!

  7. This is so silly. I thought I was following your blog, in fact, I'm sure of it. But today when I was looking for the link to your blog on your homepage, I couldn't find it! It's a good thing I am following Bridge and Beyond so I was able to find my way back to this blog! When I arrived I clicked "follow blog" it didn't give me an error message saying I'm already following it, so obviously I somehow un-followed it accidentally at some point. Sorry about that!

    Thanks for the response you wrote to my blog about parenting. It was filled with lots of great advice. =)

    In response to this particular post, when I do things "for me" usually I get some extra sleep and let the hubby take care of stuff around the house. I also like to knit and crochet quite a bit and play around on the computer. My very favorite thing to do is go out on dates with my hubby though. The me-time thing is underrated compared to us-time with my very best friend and husband.

  8. I meant to say *my homepage* in the above comment, not *your homepage*. =P

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog Sandy!
    I am with you! On the computer in my pjs drinking coffee. That is about it right now for me time. Running kids all over the place takes up the rest!

  10. I'm off on Mondays...because I work every Fri,Sat,Sun..but I am like you..I don't like schedules..I like to "move about smartly" with no rules...gotta do's
    or deadlines..thanks for stopping over my place..the Potholders Swap, these are "For Show".....so they are to be vintage pretty, but not necessarily functional...hee hee...have a good w/e,

  11. It's too bad our " me" time gets interrupted by household chores. No way around it...at least not for me :)


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