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Friday, May 21, 2010

Ouija, Memories

ouija boardI've posted stories and memories in alphabetical order that have helped me share Mom with you. As many of you know she died last April and it's been cathartic for me to remember the good times. Many of my memories have spurred memories for you all too, which has been fun.

So this Ouija Board is my O memory. Mom and I played with this for hours and always had great fun with it. It's one of the few items I kept from my childhood, and you can tell by the box...it's been around a good number of years. It was common place for she and I to sit on the edge of my bed after we had done the dinner dishes and ask Ouija questions. It was our "Girl Time." We asked it important questions, like who was gonna ask me to the next dance. lol Sometimes it would just start talking to us. After we'd ask it questions, we say Ouija do you have any information for us; and it often did. As I recall my Ouija was a male Ouija, it told us that. My brothers and Dad would come in the room and laugh at us, say we were pushing it....but we weren't. They'd try it but it typically didn't work very well with them.

It did predict things pretty accurately for me. Once in fact, it spelled out a name of someone I didn't know. A few days later, I met this boy walking down the hall at school. A short week later he asked me out; and we dated for awhile. Sometimes in the summer months just before school was due to start we'd ask it what my school schedule was going to be. What teachers I was going to have. We even wrote them down so we could compare when school did start. So, the force was strong with Mom and I.

A good friend loved it too, and it wasn't uncommon for the 3 of us to play with it. She soon got one of her own and we had neighborhood parties. We'd get both Ouija boards going at the same time with all the neighborhood kids around. This was when we were all in High School, as I recall. Good times were had by all. Her Ouija was a girl Ouija. I wonder if she still has hers?

I always thought of it as a toy; until a few years ago I read some people are actually afraid of them, and won't let their kids play with them, or have them in their houses. I know one person goes to garage sales for the purpose of finding the old original ones to destroy them. Don't get that. Don't want one, fine don't buy one or use one. Why destroy someone elses fun and in my case very special memories of Mom.

Too bad I didn't get this out of the basement all these years, we could have had some more fun.

My alphabetical Memories:

Other Memories:
A=Advice, Afghan, Apples
B=Bread, and Bernie
C=Camping, Creativity and Courage
D=Dancing and Delaware Dam
E=Energy and Etiquette
G=Gown (wedding gown), grape pop
H=Hammocks and Holidays
I=Ice Skating and Isaly's
J=JACKS, Mother and Daughter, childhood games
K=Kindess, something we're taught
L=Love Story
M=Memories, One Year Ago Today (Making Do and Mohican)
N=Noodles Over Niagara

W=Wow Mom, The Wisteria


  1. I had always wanted one as a child but, my Mom was afraid of them and said it was evil. I never did get one. I thought about getting one much later on but, I never did. I'm glad you had that special time with your Mom

  2. I had one too back way back in the day. My girlfriend and I would play, it told me I would marry someone named Bert Sneed....what a hoot. I through mine away. I still have my original monopoly game, and the box looks like your ouja board box, all taped up...oh we played for hours and sometimes days
    in the summertime...run on games.

  3. Hi Sandy,

    I love how you remember your mom this way.

    I tried to send a response to you about using the Magic Loop method for knitting hats instead of using 1 small circular needle, but I didn't have your e-mail addy.

    Mine is Luvsknitting at gmail etc.

  4. what happen to your test page? Oh well, anyhoo..have a great day..it is sunny up here in Northeaster Ohio, blue sky and all...Hope yours is the same...

  5. Such a nice way to catalog your memories.

    I had a strange experience playing with Ouija board once... not sure what I think about them. Glad it brings you warm memories.

  6. was about to agree with you and then suggest exactly what you say at the end of your ramble.

    I'll call that and raise you one. Consciousness, from which those memories are "downloaded", is outside of time, and so there isn't even a 'daily'. We are downloading our entire perception, including all memories, in the timeless moment of Now. There is no reason to believe that there is any continuity in those memories, only an apparent illusion of such.

  7. OH I remember mine. We played it in the Basement. Can't recall ever asking it its gender,lol. However we did ask it plenty of questions. Haven't seen it for years. With the moving of my parent since my teens it is probably gone....in someone else's basement I'm Sure.
    What a great idea to do in memory of Mom. It would be hard for me to do.

  8. Where you at girl? Aliens take you away....no talk long time....hope all is well....stopping in to check in with my blog neighbors....


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