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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Magical Bookcase

wooden bookcaseMagical bookcase? The title and the picture must have you scratching your head. Let me fill you a bit. The bookcase is old, it's scratched and in need of paint...that you can see from the picture. It's sitting in the garage here, in what hubby calls the staging area. It was loaded onto a moving truck about a week ago and hauled out to St. Louis for our daughter. There it received 2 coats of new paint. No pictures yet of that. Maybe in a couple of weeks, but back to the story.

This bookcase will now reside with our daughter, as I indicated. It's the 3rd home for the bookcase, the 3rd generational home that is. We've had it since she was a baby or soon thereafter. I think it was black when we received and it got painted white, cream, and yellow along the way. Magical, the shelves were moved around and my daughter and I turned it into Barbie's house. We covered the walls with paper, covered blocks and other items to make furniture for Barbie. It was a town house of course with multiple levels. I wish, really wish I had a picture of it. She and I played and spent many great mother and daughter hours together around this bookcase.

When I was young this same bookcase, the magical bookcase was in my parents home. There again it received multiple layers of paint and a variety of colors. During the year it was a bookcase in the living room; but...at Christmas it became the chimney that Santa came down. Yep...Mom used to remove the books, cover it with crept paper. In those days one could purchase crept paper that looked like red bricks. She made a fake fire with a little flickering light bulb. I guess we kids weren't too bright. We watched her do this, and I think even helped from time to time. Then she hang the Christmas Stockings. I need to look through old photo's, I think there's probably a picture somewhere. (though my scanner's not working). We'd sing Christmas Carole's around this magical bookcase. On Christmas morning it wasn't uncommon to find Santa's footprints in front of it, proving of course to us...that he did indeed come down the chimney using his magic dust.

Yes, this bookcase may be old; it may be beat up a bit; but to me........IT'S MAGICAL!

Mom was very creative indeed. Do you see a chimney when you look at this ordinary bookcase? Fond memories for me, both as an adult and as a child.


  1. Testing, thanks for the heads up from Hakucho that the comment area wasn't working. Apparently after loading my new template the embedded below the post feature doesn't work with regard to comments. Not sure why...anyone know? Anyway, have now switched back to full page in the settings area.

    If someone can solve the problem, I'd love to go back to embedded below as I like that feature better.


  2. yeah, you are back up and running with the comments...I stopped by yesterday and couldn't leave any.

    This is a lovely book shelf,and the stories it could tell if it could talk... It is now what you call an heirloom...isn't it?

    Different blog get up...it's cool

  3. Ok now :)

    That bookcase is very special. It certainly is magical. Glad your daughter loves it and will be using it so it can continue to make memories. It certainly has a wonderful history. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  4. I like your new blog layout, but the other day I was unable to comment to tell you.

  5. The chimney story is great! I remember that paper.

    My dad found a bookcase someone was throwing away and carried it home on his back. When he got married, it stayed with him. Somewhere along the line, it became mine. Then I painted it white with gold trim and put it in my little girl's room. Now it has been repainted and sits in her little girl's room.

    I wonder how many people have that bookcase story. Thanks for making me smile...


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