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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Love Story

Perhaps when you first read the title, Love Story; you thought I was gonna talk about the movie. Nope. My parents, it's really quite a love story.

They met in high school when Mom was a freshman and Daddy a senior. She always said she chased him until he caught her. lol In those days each class had a hall or wing or floor. So, as she used to tell the story she and her girl friend who had her eye on one of Daddy's friends would race through the freshman wing to get to the senior wing between classes to interact. They went to dances, hayrides, and movies; typical high school dating for the times. Daddy went off to service (US Navy, Fighting Seabees), and they wrote letters back and forth. They got married when he got safely back home and began their life together.

Many of you know that life together ended last April when Mommy died. August would have marked their 62nd year together as Man and Wife. Quite a marvel in light of the number of divorces today.

This necklace reflects their love for each other. The circle is my Dad's first wedding band. He needed a larger one somewhere along the line. The both loved lighthouses. The TV room at home has quite a collection of ceramic lighthouses. They toured them when they traveled, and the wall is full of photographs and cross stitch pictures of lighthouses. They had the lighthouse designed by a local jeweler. The diamond on top of the lighthouse is the diamond from Mommy's engagement ring. She always wore this necklace, only removing it just prior to her surgery.

A Great Aunt (same one that gave me the heirloom dishes) left me her diamond many years ago. I had it tucked away, and gave it to Mom when she and Daddy had their new rings made. Daddy wears her wedding band, (the 2nd one); and I wear the Lighthouse necklace. We both feel her close to us as we wear these special pieces, we feel the love.

So in my alphabetical remembrance, Love Story is part 1 for the letter L. We miss you Mom


  1. I am a young christian woman and have just finished Francine Rivers' "Redeeming Love" book. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK! I am desperatly looking for another book to fall in love with now. I would prefer a christian love story or inspirational story, please. And it would be great if you have read the book yourself instead of what youve heard about a book. Thanks for you help!

  2. What a beautiful story and rememberance Sandy.
    I am sure that the necklace gives you much comfort. This is the real love story....and rare and beautiful occurance in this day and age.

  3. Their marriage was a true love story. They truly understood that life was not always a bed of roses and "for better or worse" means a whole lot.

  4. What a marvelous thing to do with his wedding ring. That is a great "real" story, everyone should read it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. A lovely story Sandy.

  6. Beautiful short love story.....I just love to read love stories.....

  7. Your mother's necklace and story is so special. Treasures that I know you will cherish forever!!

  8. Hey stranger,
    What a beautiful story you have to tell. Today is valentines day and it was a perfect thing to read about. One day, I will write about mine. Miss ya bunches and have a great Valentines Day. I popped in just to say hello to you.

  9. What a nice story.


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