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Monday, January 07, 2013

Almost Finished

You're not seeing doubles, this is one afghan, though in this configuration it looks like 2.  Almost all the stripes/strips have edged and attached.  Now need to bring the two together.  Just worked with 2 pieces as it's going traveling with me and I thought it might be easier to finish the last couple of stripes were are held together here with double pointed knitting needles and darning needles.

Wanted to get this post written yesterday, for Sunday's Year of Projects, but didn't make it.  Late this week, counters being early last week?  Maybe, maybe not.  This afghan is made from donated strips through Bridge and Beyond and will be donated to Homeless Families Foundation when completed.  Hopefully, I can unveil the finished ghan for you on Friday for Finished Object Friday.  This one is called Arapaho.

Not much to report, but hope to work more on the knitted feather and fan, Sea and Sand after this one is completed, and plan to unknit the traveling jewel scarf...it's just coming through for me.

YOP link in meme tab above.  Please join us, it's fun.

Pop back in tomorrow for a new meme called Library....sounds interesting to me, if I can get myself rolling on another meme.


Cris Crochets said...

OOO it does look like two. Can't wait to see it finished! Love the colors.

Kim said...

What a lot of work you put in to your charity knitting. How special for the recipients to receive something so nice!

Pumpkin said...

There's another one?! Woah, now I'm really impressed Sandy!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Wow, that will be one gorgeous blanket when it is finished!

nauget bluff said...

Lovely, interesting that it is done in 2 pieces...must make it easier to work on..I'm currently working on my 1st knit ghan!

Ruth said...

Oh Wow another one nearly done ! you sure are fast. I love how its two going to be joined, must have made it so easier to work with.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Oh I love all these blues. I just googled Arapahoe and came up with all kinds of pictures of snowy mountains with every colour of blue shadows. Perfect name!

Faith said...

This blanket is just gorgeous, I didn't think about donated stripes, I figured they'd always be squares. Great idea and the finished blanket is stunning, like minding my own stitches says, that's a perfect name.

Have a happy creative week!

kate said...

I love how you never run out of inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm. Absolutely love those blues.

Emma (GirlAnachronismE) said...

That is a gorgeous afghan, I love the colours!

Sandy said...

Thanks all for the visits and nice comments both are appreciated.

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