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Monday, June 23, 2014

Calories in and Calories Out, Fitbit

Shrimp and Brussels Sprouts right off the barbee.  I've not been blogging lately, seems my on line time has been diverted to logging in my steps, miles, and food on fitbit and it's side kick fitnesspal.com.  It takes time, though it should get quickier because I have a good amount of food now listed in my food diary.

Been doing well with steps and miles on an on going daily basis.  Fitbit (the device) really does motivate you.  Then you join a couple of on line groups and make virtual friends with the same or similar goals and it truly inspires you.  I'm in several groups/forums through Fitbit but find the 60 plus Trackers and !!Walk and Wine!! groups both fun, interesting, and inspiring.  We have a lady in our 60's group 80 something and she's leading the pack...how cool is that.  I also love how young she's staying by being on line and chatting with us.  Good for her.

The goal to be healthy is to walk 10,000 steps daily, currently I'm averaging around 16,000 so no problem making goal there.  Additionally you're suppose to strive for 30 minutes of active minutes daily, I don't always make that, because even with getting lots of steps in (at work and or mowing etc) you often aren't going fast enough for it to log you as "active". I do make it most days though.  Drinking 64 ounces of water daily is another of the daily goals, and I struggle with that.  In fact, I didn't make much of an effort in the beginning until I learned it actually is important from my group members.  The other goal you're to strive for is 5 miles daily, I manage that most of the time.  You can add your weight and your goal weight and it will track for you how on target you are and estimate a date when you'll reach your goal based on your in and out calories.

In calories.......thus the picture of food.  One reason I started this fitbit craze(which by the way is pretty addictive), I needed to lower my cholesterol.  Along the way I learned dropping some weight not only makes my clothes fit better but reduces the pressure on my knee (my arthritic knee).  A pound of weight loss reduces pressure to each knee by 5 pounds!  I've managed to reduce the pressure by 60 to each knee which has truly helped the pain and swelling.  Building up good muscles around the arthritis is also very beneficial.  This meal, very satisfying is quite low on calories.  The shrimp were marinated in a garlic oil for about 30 minutes before I skewered them.  The Brussels sprouts were cooked in water in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes and once cooled on the skewers they went...light drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper.  By using the skewers it's easy to turn over both the shrimp and the round Brussels sprouts.

It paired nicely with a Pinot Noir...and yes I faithfully add those calories on my food diet too. (as well as the Martini I had prior to this good dinner......you can't give up everything!).

You must walk more then 10,000 steps if you're trying to loose, and you loose 1 pound when you burn 3500 calories more then you eat.  So, since I'm not giving up my wine etc...I'm walking walking walking.  I generally walk about 1.5 hours and then whatever else I get step wise is normal day to day and or work.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fruit and Fitbit, Thank You Darling Daughter

Yummy.  My Mother's Day Edible Arrangement.  It arrived just as I got back from a walk, perfect timing.  The fruit was refreshing, just what I needed as I cooled down from my steps/miles.  THANK YOU DARLING DAUGHTER!  Love you, and so appreciate you're thinking of me.  I was so anxious to dive right in, I had pulled out what I was going to eat right away, before grabbing my camera for a picture.  The vase was a cute red Martini Glass.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good Martini, and I LOVE making them.

This banner is from the fitbit blog.  If you click on the picture it will take you to the fitbit page.  I've worn out countless pedometers and decided to buy a decent one.  These units range in price and style and color from $60-$100.  I got the zip, the cheapest one and am loving it.  It counts your steps, calories burned, miles walked like most pedometers.  But, it synchs with your phone, your ipad, and your computer.  Some units have re-chargeable batteries and monitor your sleep as well, mine will need a new battery, somewhere along 4-6 months.  I'm ok with that, it's getting hard keeping track of all my cords to charge all my stuff as it is...

In my last blog post I indicated I had joined yet another blog challenge.  Well, that fell by the way side.  I find it too hard to write blog posts every day for this blog, as well as my Travel Blog (where I am blogging about my recent trip to Spain), and to keep up with blogging on Bridge and Beyond (my charity blog which normally is also daily).

Since purchasing the fitbit have been trying to sit here on the computer less, and walk and move more.  It's good for my arthritis and hopefully will lower my cholesterol.  You can log your food and know how many calories etc you're taking in vs what you're burning up also on the fitbit page.  I'm finding some days I eat more then I burn and some days I burn more then I eat.  My downfall is cocktails, and wine with dinner.  I do fine through out the day; so starting today going to see if I can trim by pouring smaller glasses of wine and making smaller martini's.  It's a start.

Through fitbit you can join groups, have friends and cheer each other one.  It's fun and takes the drudgery out of "exercising".  You have virtual buddies.  I found a group of fitbit'ers who knit.  A couple actually successfully walk and knit at the same time.  WOW...can see me falling if I tried that.  I've also joined a group for folks 60+.  Exercising as you age takes on a little different note of trying not to hurt your body.  AND through fitbit I found you can walk virtually across the USA.  CLICK HERE
Everyone starts somewhere in Virginia, you log your daily miles and it tells you where you are.  I've logged miles just about 2 wks, and currently it says I'm 12.86 miles from Glendale, Virginia in Charles City County, and have traveled 47.6 miles.  You see a little picture of where you are on the road.  Kinda fun.  The website is a bit slow though to load, so be patient.

And if you want a different type of virtual travel, do join me over on Traveling Suitcase

Friday, May 09, 2014

Why I love Friday

Late to the challenge as I didn't know about this one til after the month started.  I was visiting through my Travel Blog, Traveling Suitcase where I just finished the annual A-Z Blog Challenge for April.  I had so much material from a recent trip to Spain, I decided to continue blogging a-z May with my Travel Blog.
Probably nuts trying to do another one; but this blog has been very quiet of late and so I thought it might help to kick start it again.
Here are the prompts...and though it's Friday...it's evening so am really getting into late.
  1. I love that's Friday, that's it's the end of the work week, and hubby and I can spend more time together and things are more relaxed.
  2. I love that this Friday, I made my step goal (through fitbit), AND I got my first 50 mile badge on fitbit.
  3. We always have Martini's on Friday (glasses are in the freezer and will be nice and chilled.
  4. I love that this Friday I had a much needed massage.  Thank you Frank!I
  5.  love that I bought a dress for $8.00  at a re-sale shop today on a whim, had a few minutes to spare before the massage and decided to look around, the shop was just a few doors down from Massage Envy.
Click the badge and join in.  Here's the list of prompts.
Day 9, Friday:  5 things you love on a Friday.
Day 10, Saturday: A fashion, beauty or life tip.
Day 11, Sunday:  Go for a photo walk.  (It’s a walk where you take lots of great photos and share them.)
Day 12, Monday:  Tell us how your blog got its name (and tagline).
Day 13, Tuesday: Write a poem or piece of creative prose.
Day 14, Wednesday: Make us laugh.  Share a funny story or picture.
Day 15, Thursday: Create or share a poster, card or artwork that shares a message that inspires you.
Day 16, Friday: Blogging is about sharing the love.  Tell us about 5 blogs that you love reading regularly.
Day 17, Saturday: A day in the life.  Photo journal your day today.
Day 18, Sunday: 10 things that make you happy.
Day 19, Monday: Dream job?
Day 20, Tuesday: Who inspires you?
Day 21, Wednesday: What’s on your plate?
Day 22, Thursday: Share a video clip that you are loving at the moment.  It could be as simple as a song on YouTube or an inspirational speaker on TED Talks.
Day 23, Friday: Write a post about a particularly good or controversial comment someone left you.
Day 24, Saturday: If you could have 3 people to dinner tonight, who would you invite?
Day 25, Sunday: A list for the week ahead.
Day 26, Monday: Invite someone to guest post for you.
Day 27, Tuesday: Share a project you’ve been working on.
Day 28, Wednesday: Family.  What do you love?  Best traits? What crazy genetics do you have in common?  Fave photo?
Day 29, Thursday: What have you said ‘yes’ to today?
Day 30, Friday: Best advice you’ve received lately.
Day 31, Saturday: Gratitude.
So, will you join me? Go on, you wouldn’t …
PS. There will also a grab button available for you to display on your blog to tell everyone that you are trying to complete the challenge.  (Better still, at the end of the challenge, I’ll give you a button that tells everyone that you’re awesome and you did it. High five!)


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