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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snow fun when you're Young

Let me show you how to do it Mom
This shovel's heavy
I can run with it
She's taking my picture
Some of you might recognize my cute little guy. He's growing and so helpful around the house. lol I took these photo's looking out my window having fun watching him in his p.j.'s shoveling the drive. Kids are sooooooooo much fun.


  1. He's sure working hard! Bet he needed some nice hot chocolate when he was done!

  2. Bet he was so proud to help!

  3. I remember those days...they would come in the house from outside, their gloves frozen, and their cheeks and nose red as a cherry, so proud
    to help out. My little guy still likes to help he will 8 soon..loves to shovel. :)

  4. It seems that Your sweet little guy is enjoying snow shovelling.


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