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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Music to my Ears

Todays blog prompt is to shuffle your IPOD and write the first 10 songs.  Welllllll, I don't have an IPOD, so no can do.  I could list 10 songs I like?  But, I think instead I'll talk about the type of music I like.  Pictures above (click to go his site) is Mossy Moran from Ireland.  So, ...yep you guessed it, he plays Irish music which I really enjoy.  If you have a chance to go watch and listen to him, don't pass it up.  It's a good time.  He plays in lots of locations in around  Ohio.

I like old music, like big band old music.  I like the Crooners, like Dean Martin and those fellow of the Rat Pack.  I like Gospel music, good choral music, classical music, some jaZZ.  I like the Motown Sound.  I don't like hip hop, boys bands,  or any kind of rap.

Today's post is short and sweet.

**Hope you're all gearing up for Memory Mondays.  I'm finding some cool old photo's for you..don't forget to link up**


  1. I like all kinds of music. But I do love country and that's pretty much what I listen too.
    Hope you have a great day.

  2. Oh I cannot imagine life without my iPhone, I have it set up to play music over my car stereo and I listen to podcasts while tidying the house or working in lab. I'm utterly attached, but my generation is the generation of the iPod, we are pretty much programmed to need one. So have you seen Mossy Moran live? I'll bet he is wonderful live.

  3. I have seen Mossy in person and it's great entertainment. Right you are about the IPOD, different generations, Pumpkin. Theresa, I'll be checking on your problem later, haven't forgotten you.

  4. Thank you so very much for popping back. I use comment moderation so I approve before the comment posts. I've only ever had one bad comment though in 5 years. Your name links back to your blog so you don't really need a URL. Every one can find you very easily.
    I'm so glad to have my blog back.

  5. My girlfriend loves anything and everything "Ireland" so I bet she's not only heard of him but listens to him frequently! :)


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